Thank you for playing Tangledeep on Nintendo Switch!

(courtesy of Twitter user @funi_funi)

February 5, 2019

We're so happy that adventurers all over the world have been enjoying our debut title. The Switch port was a huge project, but we think the end result was worth the wait! In less than a week, we've already recouped most of our expenses, so it's safe to say the port is already a success. Of course, we are not done working on the game! We have several patches planned already, starting with patch 1.01.

Patch 1.02

This patch is now available as an automatic update.

Bug Fixes

  • Added save file recovery feature in case of data corruption
  • New Game+ can now be accessed
  • Added various protections to avoid crashes at Erin (rumor giver)
  • Added various protections to avoid rare NullRef / game errors in combat
  • Fixed bug where pressing (+) immediately after a map transition would sometimes disable (+)
  • Fixed feat / job unlocks not working consistently
  • Deafening Dream Drum should no longer crash the game
  • Pet command tutorial should no longer lock up controls sometimes
  • Gambler should now be able to collect Wild Cards
  • Soulkeeper should now be able to collect Echoes consistently
  • BATTLETEXTRESISTSTATUS string is now properly implemented
  • Fixed text string related to defeating X monsters with an element
  • Fixed incorrectly translated pet command tutorial in Japanese

Quality of Life

  • Left Analog Stick (click) now opens and closes the Pet Party UI
  • ZL and ZR can be used to scroll pages in list UIs like shops, inventory, equipment
  • ZL and ZR can also be used to change slider values in large chunks, such as the bank deposit UI
  • Increased move speed of minimap via Right Analog Stick
  • Texture quality improvements for jobs, monsters, NPCs, and portraits

The first item on this list - the save file recovery feature - is most important for those players who cannot continue their save games. We are not yet sure why this corruption is occuring, but this feature will try to 'clean' your file and allow you to keep playing. It does this by safely loading hero data and meta progress, even if that means restarting the game world.

This means you may lose your progress in the dungeon, but you should keep your stats, items, skills, pets, trees, bank (etc). You should be able to get back to where you were fairly quickly. This is not ideal, but we'll continue looking for the cause of this bug.

We're also adding some crash reporting tools that will allow us to identify any future problems that may arise.

Once again, thank you for playing Tangledeep!