Thank you for playing Tangledeep on Nintendo Switch!

March 12, 2019

We continue to be humbled by the wonderful response to our game on Nintendo's superb platform. Today, we have submitted the next patch to Nintendo for distribution to all users as soon as it is tested & accepted.

Patch 1.03

This patch is now available as an automatic update.

Bug Fixes

  • Several more fixes related to game crashes and corrupted saves, using debug data from patch 1.0.2
  • Fixed bugs with job/feat unlocks not always persisting correctly
  • Fixed infinite item use bug
  • Echoes should now drop again in the Soulkeeper Job Trials
  • Tamed monsters that level up will now pass their higher Health to children
  • Corral pets should no longer be affected by Parting Gifts or the Floramancer silver emblem
  • Various minor bug fixes

Gameplay Changes

  • Staff weapons now increase base Spirit Power by 1 per level
  • Cat'ie the pet trainer can now help your pet forget skills
  • Three new Game Modifiers added
  • Chopping down trees now rewards more XP/JP, and the max age has been raised
  • Wild Child's mastery bonus now gives them the added benefit of seeing monster rarity (for corral pets) when fighting with or examining that monster.

Quality of Life

  • New "Minimap Style" option, allowing you to choose Cycle, Small, Large, or Translucent
  • When using "Repeat Recipe" in the cooking UI, the cursor will now return to that button after cooking
  • Sped up animation time when switching hotbars
  • Various text and localization updates

Along with the visible changes above, we also spent some time bringing over some code from the upcoming expansion. This will be necessary to release the expansion on Switch, so while there is nothing to see there yet, progress is being made!

As always, thank you for playing Tangledeep!