Thank you for playing Tangledeep on Nintendo Switch!

April 19, 2019

Hello adventurers! This patch addresses various bug fix and quality-of-life issues found post-launch. With any luck, this should reduce the small remaining number of stability issues to 0. Next, we plan on implementing German support and porting the PC expansion 'Legend of Shara'!

Patch 1.04

This patch is now available as an automatic update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for certain gameplay crashes related to adding corrupt status data, bad monster states
  • Monster relationships should no longer ever be reset
  • Phoenix Wing should work much more consistently now
  • ZL should now work properly to page-up various list UIs
  • Brigand's 'mastery' bomb ability should now work correctly
  • Fixes for numerous other bugs affecting software stability

Quality of Life

  • New tutorials related to wardrobe, monster letters, attraction, powerups
  • The Y button is now used to 'Compare Alternate' when looking at accessories, instead of ZL (which was double mapped in menus)
  • When feeding monsters in the corral, your cursor will return to the last-fed item
  • Also in the feeding UI, known loved and hated foods will be marked!
  • "Mark as Trash" is a new option in your inventory, which will mark items for sale at vendors when you select "Sell All"

Extensive work has also been done on cleaning up the code base, preparing for German & Spanish support, and continuing to lay groundwork for the 'Legend of Shara' expansion.

As always, thank you for playing Tangledeep!